Top Yield Farming Coins by Market Cap

About Yield Farming Cryptocurrencies

Yield farming is a popular strategy in the cryptocurrency space, where investors look to maximize their returns by generating passive income through various means such as staking, lending, and liquidity provision. This approach has gained significant traction due to its ability to provide a steady stream of revenue without requiring extensive technical knowledge or resources. Yield farming can be applied across multiple cryptocurrency platforms, including decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, yield farming is likely to remain an important aspect of investment strategies, offering a way for individuals to generate passive income and diversify their portfolios. However, it is essential to conduct thorough research and understand the risks involved before engaging in any yield farming activity.

List of Yield Farming Cryptocurrencies

Coin Name Market Capitalization
Uniswap Uniswap (UNI) $4,829,344,450.0
Aave Aave (AAVE) $1,067,092,894.0
Synthetix Synthetix Network (SNX) $912,982,183.0
Curve Curve DAO (CRV) $646,364,015.0
Compound Compound (COMP) $492,076,885.0
PancakeSwap PancakeSwap (CAKE) $326,850,258.0 (YFI) $231,314,200.0
Balancer Balancer (BAL) $189,547,445.0
Sushi Sushi (SUSHI) $132,404,905.0
Stargate Stargate Finance (STG) $122,091,650.0
JOE JOE (JOE) $113,517,129.0
Stella Stella (ALPHA) $83,338,088.0
Linear Linear (LINA) $70,652,659.0
Spell Spell (SPELL) $55,778,101.0
Raydium Raydium (RAY) $46,114,637.0
Badger Badger DAO (BADGER) $44,431,924.0
TrueFi TrueFi (TRU) $37,642,589.0
Flamingo Flamingo Finance (FLM) $32,822,509.0
Rally Rally (RLY) $35,510,563.0 (YFII) $30,650,765.0
BarnBridge BarnBridge (BOND) $30,001,059.0
Alchemix Alchemix (ALCX) $26,679,045.0
Alpaca Alpaca Finance (ALPACA) $21,780,183.0
BENQI BENQI (QI) $24,147,362.0
Dopex Dopex (DPX) $27,071,731.0
Orca Orca (ORCA) $20,731,562.0
Tranchess Tranchess (CHESS) $18,337,572.0
Harvest Harvest Finance (FARM) $16,752,167.0
ICHI ICHI (ICHI) $14,425,971.0
Rari Rari Governance (RGT) $14,255,354.0
Phantasma Phantasma (SOUL) $13,570,747.0
Gamma Gamma Strategies (GAMMA) $10,928,614.0
Tokemak Tokemak (TOKE) $9,429,843.0
Verse Verse (VERSE) $7,080,364.0
Gearbox Gearbox (GEAR) $7,364,603.0
Step Step App (FITFI) $5,634,267.0
Tarot Tarot (TAROT) $3,482,318.0
ApeSwap ApeSwap (BANANA) $4,393,448.0
Bifrost Bifrost Native Coin (BNC) $3,681,118.0
LuaSwap LuaSwap (LUA) $3,684,199.0
Dypius Dypius (DYP) $2,227,819.0
Spectra Spectra (APW) $3,046,159.0
BendDAO BendDAO (BEND) $2,714,815.0
Vesper Vesper Finance (VSP) $2,783,030.0
Cake Cake Monster (MONSTA) $2,281,753.0
USDP USDP Stablecoin (USDP) $2,578,561.0 (SFI) $2,321,589.0
Granary Granary (GRAIN) $2,429,647.0
Gameswap Gameswap (GSWAP) $2,229,405.0
TETU TETU (TETU) $1,921,005.0
OATH OATH (OATH) $2,142,270.0
BSC BSC Station (BSCS) $1,894,251.0
88mph 88mph (MPH) $1,462,706.0
YAM YAM (YAM) $1,553,103.0
EQIFi EQIFi (EQX) $1,481,600.0
Tulip Tulip Protocol (TULIP) $1,980,361.0
Pickle Pickle Finance (PICKLE) $1,440,415.0
Niftyx Niftyx Protocol (SHROOM) $1,226,996.0
ZooKeeper ZooKeeper (ZOO) $1,372,693.0
Unit Unit Protocol (DUCK) $1,259,582.0
Unicly Unicly (UNIC) $1,121,647.0
Mettalex Mettalex (MTLX) $1,079,373.0
Value Value DeFi (VALUE) $1,031,796.0
Sashimi Sashimi (SASHIMI) $1,081,307.0
Kuma Kuma Inu (KUMA) $741,229.0
StellaSwap StellaSwap (STELLA) $749,471.0
CoFiX CoFiX (COFI) $563,195.0
Phuture Phuture (PHTR) $588,552.0
unFederalReserve unFederalReserve (ERSDL) $824,342.0
KCAL KCAL (KCAL) $479,301.0
Rook Rook (ROOK) $623,041.0
OctoFi OctoFi (OCTO) $433,800.0
Trava Trava Finance (TRAVA) $401,172.0
Swerve Swerve (SWRV) $481,559.0
EasyFi EasyFi V2 (EZ) $365,419.0
Geyser Geyser (GYSR) $387,018.0
Kawakami Kawakami (KAWA) $293,598.0
Goose Goose Finance (EGG) $252,169.0
BNSD BNSD Finance (BNSD) $234,866.0
Standard Standard Protocol (STND) $223,915.0
TosDis TosDis (DIS) $144,024.0
Centric Centric Swap (CNS) $144,190.0
Snowswap Snowswap (SNOW) $95,573.0
Basis Basis Cash (BAC) $102,190.0
Mochi Mochi Market (MOMA) $90,983.0
StepEx StepEx (SPEX) $87,842.0
Basis Basis Share (BAS) $46,867.0
Mithril Mithril Share (MIS) $57,103.0
MacaronSwap MacaronSwap (MCRN) $39,264.0
Synthetify Synthetify (SNY) $31,281.0
Flurry Flurry Finance (FLURRY) $28,150.0
AllianceBlock AllianceBlock (ALBT) $1,133,010.0
Nash Nash (NEX) $11,431,386.0
APY.Finance APY.Finance (APY) $160,217.0
Huckleberry Huckleberry (FINN) $99,059.0
Snowball Snowball (SNOB) $31,332.0
Sandclock Sandclock (QUARTZ) $1,911,154.0
IDLE IDLE (IDLE) $1,238,315.0
Filda Filda (FILDA) $250,178.0
MoonFarm MoonFarm Finance (MFO) $23,068.0
TOR TOR (TOR) $17,328,810.0
WaultSwap WaultSwap (WEX) $14,993,958.0
Hector Hector Network (HEC) $7,970,126.0
Paint Paint Swap (BRUSH) $2,060,824.0
Bao Bao Finance (BAO) $2,096,986.0
UniFarm UniFarm (UFARM) $308,252.0
YF YF Link (YFL) $287,814.0
Oikos Oikos (OKS) $187,030.0
Pacoca Pacoca (PACOCA) $182,278.0
Demeter Demeter (DEO) $123,596.0
Dracula Dracula (DRC) $106,224.0
Penguin Penguin Finance (PEFI) $96,221.0
Azuki Azuki (AZUKI) $84,049.0
ARTX ARTX (ARTX) $72,465.0
Ardana Ardana (DANA) $65,664.0
Arable Arable Protocol (ACRE) $37,810.0
Doki Doki Doki (DOKI) $24,362.0
OPEN OPEN Governance (OPEN) $20,843.0
ZoomSwap ZoomSwap (ZM) $19,529.25
MMOCoin MMOCoin (MMO) $16,837.22
50Cent 50Cent (50C) $17,580.93
Viper Viper (VIPER) $0.01890114
SWAG SWAG Finance (SWAG) $803,465.0
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