Top Tezos Ecosystem Coins by Market Cap

About Tezos Ecosystem Cryptocurrencies

Tezos is a blockchain that has gained popularity due to its unique governance structure, which allows holders of its native token,XTZ, to vote on proposals for the development and growth of the ecosystem. This decentralized governance model has attracted a wide range of projects and developers to the Tezos ecosystem, resulting in a diverse category of cryptocurrencies. Within this category are stablecoins like DAI and USDC, which are pegged to the value of traditional currencies like the US dollar, and asset-backed tokens like GOLD and BTC, which represent ownership of physical assets like gold and Bitcoin. Other notable cryptocurrencies within the Tezos ecosystem include gaming tokens like ENJ and GRT, which are used to facilitate transactions within online gaming communities, and utility tokens like LRC and OMG, which provide access to various decentralized applications (dApps) and services. Overall, the Tezos ecosystem is home to a diverse range of cryptocurrencies that cater to different use cases and industries, making it an attractive destination for investors and developers alike.

List of Tezos Ecosystem Cryptocurrencies

Coin Name Market Capitalization
Tether Tether (USDT) $83,828,239,586.0
Tezos Tezos (XTZ) $787,850,739.0
Youves Youves YOU Governance (YOU) $3,017,602.0
Dogami Dogami (DOGA) $2,434,148.0
Upsorber Upsorber (UP) $69,816.0
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