Top Layer 1 (L1) Coins by Market Cap

About Layer 1 (L1) Cryptocurrencies

Layer 1 (L1) cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that operate independently of other blockchain networks and have their own decentralized networks, transaction validation protocols, and consensus mechanisms. These cryptocurrencies are also known as “native” or “independent” cryptocurrencies because they do not rely on any other blockchain for security or functionality. Examples of L1 cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). These currencies have their own unique features and advantages, such as fast transaction processing times, high levels of security, and the ability to execute complex smart contracts. L1 cryptocurrencies are often considered more secure than other types of cryptocurrencies because they do not rely on any external networks for validation or settlement. Additionally, they offer greater decentralization and control over their own blockchain networks.

List of Layer 1 (L1) Cryptocurrencies

Coin Name Market Capitalization
Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) $570,496,232,731.0
Ethereum Ethereum (ETH) $225,752,446,622.0
BNB BNB (BNB) $37,336,513,280.0
Cardano Cardano (ADA) $10,967,755,203.0
Solana Solana (SOL) $10,099,757,901.0
Polkadot Polkadot (DOT) $6,562,677,033.0
Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $4,701,494,327.0
Avalanche Avalanche (AVAX) $4,583,549,627.0
Cosmos Cosmos Hub (ATOM) $2,654,553,853.0
Hedera Hedera (HBAR) $1,752,934,037.0
Cronos Cronos (CRO) $1,568,522,883.0
NEAR NEAR Protocol (NEAR) $1,320,038,171.0
Kaspa Kaspa (KAS) $723,326,794.0
Algorand Algorand (ALGO) $867,717,804.0
MultiversX MultiversX (EGLD) $842,486,735.0
Tezos Tezos (XTZ) $787,850,739.0
Fantom Fantom (FTM) $689,540,276.0
Injective Injective (INJ) $668,881,022.0
Flow Flow (FLOW) $623,208,163.0
Kava Kava (KAVA) $589,274,754.0
eCash eCash (XEC) $588,077,035.0
Radix Radix (XRD) $572,068,893.0
Chiliz Chiliz (CHZ) $553,965,604.0
Sui Sui (SUI) $411,509,596.0
Gnosis Gnosis (GNO) $303,815,525.0
Aleph Aleph Zero (AZERO) $223,307,735.0
Kadena Kadena (KDA) $136,303,739.0
Ergo Ergo (ERG) $84,853,023.0
Dynex Dynex (DNX) $38,927,889.0
Concordium Concordium (CCD) $62,512,199.0
QANplatform QANplatform (QANX) $56,532,546.0
CANTO CANTO (CANTO) $64,058,131.0
Moonriver Moonriver (MOVR) $36,950,362.0
Taraxa Taraxa (TARA) $4,379,584.0
Nexa Nexa (NEXA) $22,244,815.0
Cudos Cudos (CUDOS) $18,465,910.0
Fuse Fuse (FUSE) $12,575,194.0
Phantasma Phantasma (SOUL) $13,570,747.0
Aura Aura Network (AURA) $7,072,631.0
MultiVAC MultiVAC (MTV) $5,673,594.0
Unique Unique Network (UNQ) $1,460,302.0
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