Top Solana Ecosystem Coins by Market Cap

About Solana Ecosystem Cryptocurrencies

Solana is a fast, decentralized, and scalable blockchain platform that supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. The Solana ecosystem is home to numerous cryptocurrencies, including the native SOL token, which serves as the platform’s primary means of exchange. Other notable cryptocurrencies in the Solana ecosystem include Serum (SRM), a decentralized exchange built on top of Solana, and Tulip (TLP), a decentralized lending protocol. These cryptocurrencies have been designed to work seamlessly with each other and the Solana blockchain, providing users with a comprehensive suite of financial tools and services. The Solana ecosystem is constantly evolving, with new cryptocurrencies being developed and launched on the platform regularly. Overall, the Solana ecosystem offers a thriving and diverse community of cryptocurrencies that are working together to create a more decentralized and accessible financial system.

List of Solana Ecosystem Cryptocurrencies

Coin Name Market Capitalization
Tether Tether (USDT) $83,828,239,586.0
USD USD Coin (USDC) $26,575,033,413.0
Solana Solana (SOL) $10,099,757,901.0
Chainlink Chainlink (LINK) $4,213,135,255.0
The The Graph (GRT) $1,013,577,762.0
Frax Frax (FRAX) $911,692,791.0
Frax Frax Share (FXS) $476,578,348.0
Rollbit Rollbit Coin (RLB) $269,347,579.0
WOO WOO Network (WOO) $349,226,793.0
Helium Helium (HNT) $228,737,131.0
STEPN STEPN (GMT) $238,719,290.0
Audius Audius (AUDIO) $190,469,269.0
Waves Waves (WAVES) $196,473,741.0
Marinade Marinade staked SOL (MSOL) $160,011,530.0
Sushi Sushi (SUSHI) $132,404,905.0
Dust Dust Protocol (DUST) $72,778,804.0
Coin98 Coin98 (C98) $76,857,304.0
Civic Civic (CVC) $72,401,510.0
UXD UXD Protocol (UXP) $67,416,082.0
REN REN (REN) $59,885,726.0
Raydium Raydium (RAY) $46,114,637.0
Kin Kin (KIN) $42,142,680.0
BiLira BiLira (TRYB) $32,522,918.0
Serum Serum (SRM) $33,833,665.0
Zebec Zebec Protocol (ZBC) $31,968,469.0
Star Star Atlas DAO (POLIS) $20,744,014.0
MAI MAI (MIMATIC) $27,067,631.0
Velas Velas (VLX) $29,430,870.0
Bonfida Bonfida (FIDA) $13,602,490.0
Star Star Atlas (ATLAS) $19,351,181.0 (ALEPH) $14,538,707.0
Mango Mango (MNGO) $20,537,841.0
Orca Orca (ORCA) $20,731,562.0
Aurory Aurory (AURY) $24,847,595.0
Shadow Shadow Token (SHDW) $16,950,643.0
PARSIQ PARSIQ (PRQ) $17,367,499.0
ICHI ICHI (ICHI) $14,425,971.0
Samoyedcoin Samoyedcoin (SAMO) $15,025,155.0
Bonk Bonk (BONK) $15,081,590.0
Solend Solend (SLND) $13,334,109.0
Marinade Marinade (MNDE) $11,637,638.0
STEPN STEPN Green Satoshi Token on ETH (GST-ETH) $10,155,750.0
STEPN STEPN Green Satoshi Token on Solana (GST-SOL) $10,382,397.0
Taki Taki (TAKI) $7,078,923.0
Genopets Genopets (GENE) $6,304,172.0
Gari Gari Network (GARI) $5,758,893.0
Socean Socean Staked Sol (SCNSOL) $6,045,675.0
Blocto Blocto (BLT) $4,893,062.0
Oxygen Oxygen (OXY) $3,755,819.0
Walken Walken (WLKN) $3,665,029.0
InsurAce InsurAce (INSUR) $3,569,989.0
Solanium Solanium (SLIM) $3,617,041.0
Prism Prism (PRISM) $3,184,241.0
MAPS MAPS (MAPS) $3,663,980.0
Dingocoin Dingocoin (DINGO) $3,116,702.0
SHILL SHILL Token (SHILL) $3,135,362.0
Step Step Finance (STEP) $3,016,712.0
Honeyland Honeyland (HXD) $3,185,518.0
DeFi DeFi Land (DFL) $2,584,469.0
MonkeyLeague MonkeyLeague (MBS) $2,297,884.0
Big Big Data Protocol (BDP) $2,069,962.0
Media Media Network (MEDIA) $2,016,308.0
STEPN STEPN Green Satoshi Token on BSC (GST-BSC) $1,848,116.0
Hubble Hubble (HBB) $1,733,592.0
Saber Saber (SBR) $1,513,813.0
KING KING (KING) $1,804,867.0
Tulip Tulip Protocol (TULIP) $1,980,361.0
JET JET (JET) $1,312,380.0
Zap Zap (ZAP) $1,164,028.0
Solrise Solrise Finance (SLRS) $842,423.0
Aldrin Aldrin (RIN) $642,970.0
Port Port Finance (PORT) $507,824.0
Crowny Crowny (CRWNY) $397,915.0
Only1 Only1 (LIKE) $488,700.0
Sentre Sentre (SNTR) $221,788.0
Kaizen.Finance Kaizen.Finance (KZEN) $230,021.0
Sunny Sunny Aggregator (SUNNY) $152,800.0
CropperFinance CropperFinance (CRP) $154,130.0
SolDoge SolDoge (SDOGE) $137,630.0
Cykura Cykura (CYS) $69,376.0
Soldex Soldex (SOLX) $52,960.0
LIQ LIQ Protocol (LIQ) $49,706.0
Synthetify Synthetify (SNY) $31,281.0
MatrixETF MatrixETF (MDF) $28,177.0
Atlas Atlas DEX (ATS) $12,248.4
Cheems Cheems (CHEEMS) $203,931.0
Solanax Solanax (SOLD) $22,615.0
Solcial Solcial (SLCL) $251,160.0
Dexlab Dexlab (DXL) $471,467.0
Boring Boring Protocol (BOP) $65,870.0
HXRO HXRO (HXRO) $118,415,967.0
Cope Cope (COPE) $835,915.0
WOOF WOOF (WOOF) $462,829.0
DePay DePay (DEPAY) $1,199,182.0
Grape Grape Protocol (GRAPE) $185,221.0
Phantasia Phantasia (FANT) $244,316.0
CATO CATO (CATO) $228,769.0
Investin Investin (IVN) $174,037.0
SAIL SAIL (SAIL) $262,477.0
MoonLana MoonLana (MOLA) $131,043.0
Mercurial Mercurial (MER) $63,597.0
Kurobi Kurobi (KURO) $69,648.0
Neonomad Neonomad (NNI) $62,389.0
Parasol Parasol Finance (PSOL) $57,337.0
Bitspawn Bitspawn (SPWN) $64,676.0
Rope Rope Token (ROPE) $50,320.0
SOLA SOLA (SOLA) $30,584.0
Solana Solana Ecosystem Index (SOLI) $19,385.97
Solex Solex Finance (SLX) $920.74
Kitty Kitty Coin Solana (KITTY) $37,831.0
Cry Cry Cat Coin (CRYY) $6,248.8
Soltato Soltato FRIES (FRIES) $4,771.86
Starbots Starbots (BOT) $4,265.22
MIM MIM (SWARM) $2,812.37
Solabrador Solabrador (SOLAB) $1,885.2
Fabric Fabric (FAB) $74.0
Naxar Naxar (NAXAR) $17.45
Allbridge Allbridge (ABR) $637,864.0
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