Top Gaming (GameFi) Coins by Market Cap

About Gaming (GameFi) Cryptocurrencies

Gaming (GameFi) cryptocurrencies are a relatively new category of digital assets that have gained significant attention in recent times. These cryptocurrencies are designed specifically for use within the gaming industry, providing a secure and transparent platform for in-game purchases and transactions. GameFi cryptocurrencies offer several advantages over traditional payment methods, including faster transaction times, lower fees, and greater security. They also provide developers with new opportunities to monetize their games and engage with players in innovative ways. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, it is likely that GameFi cryptocurrencies will play an increasingly important role in shaping its future.

List of Gaming (GameFi) Cryptocurrencies

Coin Name Market Capitalization
Internet Internet Computer (ICP) $1,903,159,317.0
The The Sandbox (SAND) $837,951,771.0
ImmutableX ImmutableX (IMX) $834,590,789.0
Axie Axie Infinity (AXS) $810,675,859.0
ApeCoin ApeCoin (APE) $727,964,268.0
GALA GALA (GALA) $583,582,191.0
Enjin Enjin Coin (ENJ) $307,563,331.0
Illuvium Illuvium (ILV) $235,182,898.0
FLOKI FLOKI (FLOKI) $226,606,025.0
STEPN STEPN (GMT) $238,719,290.0
Magic Magic (MAGIC) $166,323,008.0
Ronin Ronin (RON) $177,598,442.0
WAX WAX (WAXP) $174,443,079.0
Merit Merit Circle (MC) $86,055,577.0
Yield Yield Guild Games (YGG) $31,573,389.0
My My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) $70,870,904.0
Vulcan Vulcan Forged (PYR) $72,821,903.0
Smooth Smooth Love Potion (SLP) $67,981,318.0
Mobox Mobox (MBOX) $58,164,159.0
Sweatcoin Sweatcoin (Sweat Economy) (SWEAT) $38,272,438.0
Aavegotchi Aavegotchi (GHST) $49,697,237.0
Verasity Verasity (VRA) $44,741,875.0
Ultra Ultra (UOS) $46,495,709.0
Gods Gods Unchained (GODS) $37,570,321.0
COMBO COMBO (COMBO) $46,141,507.0
Alien Alien Worlds (TLM) $39,815,160.0
Radio Radio Caca (RACA) $37,575,223.0
Nakamoto Nakamoto Games (NAKA) $28,032,459.0
Ethernity Ethernity Chain (ERN) $33,478,412.0
League League of Kingdoms (LOKA) $26,502,008.0
WAGMI WAGMI Games (WAGMIGAMES) $32,910,901.0
Altura Altura (ALU) $28,297,387.0
Star Star Atlas DAO (POLIS) $20,744,014.0
The The Virtua Kolect (TVK) $27,330,757.0
GuildFi GuildFi (GF) $19,689,466.0
Decentral Decentral Games (DG) $27,165,595.0
Guild Guild of Guardians (GOG) $22,617,741.0
Everdome Everdome (DOME) $24,438,412.0
HELLO HELLO (HELLO) $21,000,303.0
Star Star Atlas (ATLAS) $19,351,181.0
Saito Saito (SAITO) $21,633,622.0
RFOX RFOX (RFOX) $21,350,225.0
IX IX (IXT) $22,418,377.0
Bluzelle Bluzelle (BLZ) $22,257,992.0
GameFi GameFi (GAFI) $20,824,161.0
UFO UFO Gaming (UFO) $21,744,522.0
Voxies Voxies (VOXEL) $16,136,405.0
Sidus Sidus (SIDUS) $7,670,434.0
Aurory Aurory (AURY) $24,847,595.0
Battle Battle World (BWO) $18,945,921.0
DeRace DeRace (DERC) $14,964,750.0
VIDT VIDT DAO (VIDT) $15,961,243.0
Volt Volt Inu (VOLT) $17,196,235.0
BurgerCities BurgerCities (BURGER) $12,477,235.0
Crypto Crypto Gladiator League (CGL) $14,639,387.0
Altered Altered State Machine (ASTO) $14,021,335.0
Metacade Metacade (MCADE) $15,744,748.0
Rebel Rebel Bots (RBLS) $13,043,590.0
Phantasma Phantasma (SOUL) $13,570,747.0
NFT NFT Worlds (WRLD) $10,957,100.0
DeFi DeFi Kingdoms (JEWEL) $11,736,820.0
Splintershards Splintershards (SPS) $10,959,367.0
Galactic Galactic Quadrant (GQ) $12,138,885.0
STEPN STEPN Green Satoshi Token on ETH (GST-ETH) $10,155,750.0
Games Games for a Living (GFAL) $12,084,865.0
STEPN STEPN Green Satoshi Token on Solana (GST-SOL) $10,382,397.0
CateCoin CateCoin (CATE) $8,781,862.0
StarLink StarLink (STARL) $7,792,159.0
Affyn Affyn (FYN) $6,852,100.0
GensoKishi GensoKishi Metaverse (MV) $5,790,547.0
Genopets Genopets (GENE) $6,304,172.0
Raini Raini ($RAINI) $6,071,942.0
Step Step App (FITFI) $5,634,267.0
Netvrk Netvrk (NTVRK) $5,993,873.0
MagicCraft MagicCraft (MCRT) $5,973,560.0
RealFevr RealFevr (FEVR) $5,040,669.0
REVV REVV (REVV) $5,520,128.0
Sipher Sipher (SIPHER) $5,063,144.0
Chain Chain Guardians (CGG) $4,836,354.0
KOMPETE KOMPETE Token (KOMPETE) $4,906,302.0
Wombat Wombat (WOMBAT) $3,814,536.0
Exeedme Exeedme (XED) $4,433,099.0
XAYA XAYA (WCHI) $4,118,967.0
Dark Dark Frontiers (DARK) $4,133,660.0
dotmoovs dotmoovs (MOOV) $3,865,449.0
Chain Chain Games (CHAIN) $3,155,101.0
GamerCoin GamerCoin (GHX) $3,588,718.0
Darwinia Darwinia Network (RING) $3,293,354.0
MARS4 MARS4 (MARS4) $2,473,148.0
Hello Hello Pets (PET) $2,933,948.0
Megaweapon Megaweapon ($WEAPON) $3,268,180.0
Vidya Vidya (VIDYA) $2,614,676.0
DOSE DOSE (DOSE) $2,673,846.0
MonkeyLeague MonkeyLeague (MBS) $2,297,884.0
DeHub DeHub (DHB) $2,452,882.0
Gameswap Gameswap (GSWAP) $2,229,405.0
Decentral Decentral Games ICE (ICE) $2,486,508.0
Dogami Dogami (DOGA) $2,434,148.0
FireStarter FireStarter (FLAME) $2,364,250.0
Materium Materium (MTRM) $1,956,461.0
Dope Dope Wars Paper (PAPER) $2,186,005.0
MCH MCH Coin (MCHC) $1,692,579.0
Rainbow Rainbow Token (RBW) $2,060,068.0
Polkacity Polkacity (POLC) $1,683,890.0
STEPN STEPN Green Satoshi Token on BSC (GST-BSC) $1,848,116.0
Sinverse Sinverse (SIN) $1,672,053.0
My My DeFi Pet (DPET) $1,734,904.0
Fabwelt Fabwelt (WELT) $1,315,769.0
Niftyx Niftyx Protocol (SHROOM) $1,226,996.0
ZooKeeper ZooKeeper (ZOO) $1,372,693.0
The The Three Kingdoms (TTK) $534,241.0
FEAR FEAR (FEAR) $1,101,722.0
Realm Realm (REALM) $1,283,629.0
IQeon IQeon (IQN) $1,038,051.0
Revolve Revolve Games (RPG) $1,062,411.0
VEMP VEMP (VEMP) $1,032,927.0
KleeKai KleeKai (KLEE) $1,005,744.0
FaraLand FaraLand (FARA) $956,840.0
Blockchain Blockchain Monster Hunt (BCMC) $901,789.0
Pegaxy Pegaxy Stone (PGX) $842,087.0
DinoX DinoX (DNXC) $778,033.0
BlockchainSpace BlockchainSpace (GUILD) $764,631.0
Monsterra Monsterra (MSTR) $685,003.0
Revomon Revomon (REVO) $514,995.0
IOI IOI (IOI) $588,613.0
KCAL KCAL (KCAL) $479,301.0
Wam Wam (WAM) $598,881.0
CryptoBlades CryptoBlades (SKILL) $475,426.0
Wizarre Wizarre Scroll (SCRL) $499,598.0
Binamon Binamon (BMON) $478,470.0
CryptoZoon CryptoZoon (ZOON) $402,515.0
Mist Mist (MIST) $439,455.0
GG GG (GGTK) $424,209.0
Crypto Crypto Raiders (RAIDER) $426,373.0
Monsta Monsta Infinite (MONI) $427,762.0
Fortune Fortune Token (FRTN) $313,632.0
EDDASwap EDDASwap (EDDA) $282,015.0
GAX GAX Liquidity Token Reward (GLTR) $326,808.0
Snook Snook (SNK) $319,863.0
Polker Polker (PKR) $178,069.0
Galaxy Galaxy Fight Club (GCOIN) $196,119.0
Ethermon Ethermon (EMON) $210,768.0
Defi Defi Warrior (FIWA) $191,104.0
PolkaWar PolkaWar (PWAR) $153,006.0
TridentDAO TridentDAO (PSI) $221,886.0
CryptoTanks CryptoTanks (TANK) $137,295.0
Chain Chain of Legends (CLEG) $139,021.0
UniX UniX (UNIX) $101,842.0
The The Crypto Prophecies (TCP) $90,139.0
My My Master War (MAT) $56,478.0
MoonieNFT MoonieNFT (MNY) $42,950.0
Gourmet Gourmet Galaxy (GUM) $28,670.0
Seascape Seascape Crowns (CWS) $1,145,974.0
KAP KAP Games (KAP) $6,561,221.0
Nitro Nitro League (NITRO) $482,801.0
Rome Rome (ROME) $2,627,415.0
Decentral Decentral Games Governance (XDG) $18,876,604.0
Avocado Avocado DAO (AVG) $731,144.0
Bezoge Bezoge Earth (BEZOGE) $119,096.0
Genesis Genesis Worlds (GENESIS) $40,645.0
Must Must (MUST) $920,448.0
Revenant Revenant (GAMEFI) $421,228.0
Treasure Treasure Under Sea (TUS) $62,676.0
Town Town Star (TOWN) $2,979,958.0
Wanaka Wanaka Farm (WANA) $674,619.0
King King Finance (KING) $606,589.0
Dogira Dogira (DOGIRA) $497,302.0
PolygonumOnline PolygonumOnline (POG) $493,778.0
Meme Meme Lordz ($LORDZ) $139,162.0
DogemonGo DogemonGo (DOGO) $433,309.0
Atari Atari (ATRI) $1,333,383.0
Vigorus Vigorus (VIS) $534,841.0
Nifty Nifty League (NFTL) $676,681.0
Hunny Hunny Finance (HUNNY) $347,305.0
AnRKey AnRKey X ($ANRX) $28,084.0
Waves Waves Ducks (EGG) $591,089.0
Kawaii Kawaii Islands (KWT) $312,856.0
CaveWorld CaveWorld (CAVE) $236,801.0
MicroPets MicroPets (PETS) $208,158.0
VIBE VIBE (VIBE) $340,302.0
Elpis Elpis Battle (EBA) $211,408.0
NoLimitCoin NoLimitCoin (NLC) $218,381.0
PlayNity PlayNity (PLY) $124,791.0
BombCrypto BombCrypto (BCOIN) $132,320.0
Cryptomeda Cryptomeda (TECH) $139,416.0
Aavegotchi Aavegotchi FOMO (FOMO) $100,652.0
GamyFi GamyFi (GFX) $96,288.0
Rogue Rogue Coin (ROGUE) $93,829.0
Benzene Benzene (BZN) $96,110.0
ProjectOasis ProjectOasis (OASIS) $77,071.0
Aavegotchi Aavegotchi ALPHA (ALPHA) $72,910.0
Crusaders Crusaders of Crypto (CRUSADER) $33,550.0
Wirtual Wirtual (WIRTUAL) $27,768.0
Avaxtars Avaxtars (AVXT) $33,147.0
Puli Puli (PULI) $28,732.0
NFT NFT Soccer Games (NFSG) $19,210.73
Starbots Starbots (BOT) $4,265.22
Ape Ape In (APEIN) $3,694.16
Dragon Dragon Crypto Aurum (DCAU) $709,083.0
IG IG Gold (IGG) $567,093.0
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