Top MEV Protection Coins by Market Cap

About MEV Protection Cryptocurrencies

MEV Protection cryptocurrencies are a growing category of digital assets that prioritize protecting users’ privacy and security. These currencies use various techniques, such as ring signatures and zero-knowledge proofs, to obscure transaction data and prevent it from being traced back to the user. This makes it more difficult for hackers or other malicious actors to identify and target vulnerable users. By providing an additional layer of protection, MEV Protection cryptocurrencies can help to promote greater adoption and use of digital currencies in general. Additionally, these currencies often have built-in anti- Laundering measures, such as transaction monitoring and reporting requirements, to further reduce the risk of illicit activity. Overall, MEV Protection cryptocurrencies offer a promising solution for individuals and organizations looking to protect their privacy and security in the digital asset space.

List of MEV Protection Cryptocurrencies

Coin Name Market Capitalization
Gnosis Gnosis (GNO) $303,815,525.0
Automata Automata (ATA) $33,539,128.0
Verus Verus Coin (VRSC) $31,151,787.0
Manifold Manifold Finance (FOLD) $22,289,458.0
MEVFree MEVFree (MEVFREE) $11,908,479.0
CoW CoW Protocol (COW) $11,012,181.0
EDEN EDEN (EDEN) $4,036,345.0
Rook Rook (ROOK) $623,041.0
Alchemist Alchemist (MIST) $2,235,553.0
B.Protocol B.Protocol (BPRO) $3,422,372.0
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