Top Masternodes Coins by Market Cap

About Masternodes Cryptocurrencies

Masternodes are a unique type of node in a blockchain network that offers additional functionality beyond just validating transactions. They provide liquidity, decentralized governance, and enhanced security features. Masternodes typically require a larger upfront investment compared to standard nodes, but they offer higher rewards in terms of block reward and transaction fees. In return for their added functionality, masternodes are tasked with holding a collateralized stake in the network’s assets, which ensures their good behavior and commitment to the network. Masternodes play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and security of the blockchain ecosystem by providing an additional layer of protection against malicious actors.

List of Masternodes Cryptocurrencies

Coin Name Market Capitalization
Dash Dash (DASH) $369,377,030.0
Beldex Beldex (BDX) $220,592,012.0
Ontology Ontology (ONT) $173,709,340.0
Horizen Horizen (ZEN) $129,081,667.0
Flux Flux (FLUX) $129,565,588.0
Syscoin Syscoin (SYS) $79,426,029.0
Firo Firo (FIRO) $21,816,253.0
PIVX PIVX (PIVX) $16,091,764.0
Diamond Diamond (DMD) $14,009,146.0
Divi Divi (DIVI) $11,350,273.0
Energi Energi (NRG) $2,684,882.0
SafeDeal SafeDeal (SFD) $6,114,439.0
Oxen Oxen (OXEN) $4,383,477.0
Enecuum Enecuum (ENQ) $1,717,160.0
Kalkulus Kalkulus (KLKS) $1,974,453.0
BlackHat BlackHat Coin (BLKC) $526,576.0
Gather Gather (GTH) $511,411.0
Etho Etho Protocol (ETHO) $261,899.0
Honest Honest (HNST) $827,779.0
AXEL AXEL (AXEL) $19,218,857.0
Terracoin Terracoin (TRC) $270,014.0
Crown Crown (CRW) $225,200.0
BiblePay BiblePay (BBP) $378,141.0
PAC PAC Protocol (PAC) $1,145,840.0
Birake Birake (BIR) $749,974.0
SmartCash SmartCash (SMART) $692,800.0
Wagerr Wagerr (WGR) $738,420.0
Denarius Denarius (D) $502,455.0
BitCore BitCore (BTX) $598,087.0
Hempcoin Hempcoin (THC) $391,987.0
Memetic Memetic (MEME) $1,297,978.0
Stakecube Stakecube (SCC) $317,496.0
DogeCash DogeCash (DOGEC) $276,037.0
Bitcoin Bitcoin Green (BITG) $200,397.0
SwiftCash SwiftCash (SWIFT) $116,689.0
Phore Phore (PHR) $106,361.0
CatoCoin CatoCoin (CATO) $91,699.0
Bolivarcoin Bolivarcoin (BOLI) $52,490.0
Neutron Neutron Coin (NTRN) $14,840.18
Teloscoin Teloscoin (TELOS) $57,285.0
Axe Axe (AXE) $12,859.3 (IQ) $10,363.18
Arion Arion (ARION) $2,063.54
Blocknet Blocknet (BLOCK) $855,376.0
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