Top Zero Knowledge (ZK) Coins by Market Cap

About Zero Knowledge (ZK) Cryptocurrencies

Zero Knowledge (ZK) cryptocurrencies are a category of digital assets that offer enhanced privacy and security features compared to traditional cryptocurrencies. These currencies use advanced cryptographic techniques, such as zero-knowledge proofs, to prove ownership without revealing any sensitive information about the owner. This allows for privacy-preserving transactions and asset management, without sacrificing the security and transparency of the blockchain. ZK cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity among users who value their right to privacy and security, as well as among financial institutions and governments that need to protect sensitive information. Some notable examples of ZK cryptocurrencies include Zcash, Monero, and Verge. These currencies have been gaining traction in recent years, with Zcash and Monero being listed on several major exchanges and Verge partnering with several high-profile companies to integrate its technology into their products and services.

List of Zero Knowledge (ZK) Cryptocurrencies

Coin Name Market Capitalization
Polygon Polygon (MATIC) $6,627,455,911.0
ImmutableX ImmutableX (IMX) $834,590,789.0
Mina Mina Protocol (MINA) $421,847,223.0
Loopring Loopring (LRC) $278,367,355.0
Zcash Zcash (ZEC) $248,658,459.0
Aleph Aleph Zero (AZERO) $223,307,735.0
Horizen Horizen (ZEN) $129,081,667.0
Nym Nym (NYM) $94,979,419.0
Hermez Hermez Network (HEZ) $76,848,098.0
Syscoin Syscoin (SYS) $79,426,029.0
Marlin Marlin (POND) $67,022,042.0
Concordium Concordium (CCD) $62,512,199.0
DUSK DUSK Network (DUSK) $55,013,663.0
Pirate Pirate Chain (ARRR) $46,564,689.0
Findora Findora (FRA) $25,722,843.0
Firo Firo (FIRO) $21,816,253.0
Railgun Railgun (RAIL) $17,069,856.0
PIVX PIVX (PIVX) $16,091,764.0
Cult Cult DAO (CULT) $13,277,928.0
CHEQD CHEQD Network (CHEQ) $10,317,808.0
ZKSpace ZKSpace (ZKS) $10,001,415.0
Panther Panther Protocol (ZKP) $7,377,961.0
Epic Epic Cash (EPIC) $7,072,342.0
Calamari Calamari Network (KMA) $3,646,385.0
Everest Everest (ID) $4,385,403.0
Offshift Offshift (XFT) $2,297,930.0
PureFi PureFi (UFI) $1,223,307.0
BlackHat BlackHat Coin (BLKC) $526,576.0
DeGate DeGate (DG) $3,832,245.0
Ycash Ycash (YEC) $614,426.0
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