Top Infrastructure Coins by Market Cap

About Infrastructure Cryptocurrencies

Infrastructure cryptocurrencies are a subcategory of digital assets that focus on providing the underlying framework for various industries such as supply chain management, voting systems, and digital identity verification. These cryptocurrencies aim to create a secure, decentralized, and transparent network of interconnected systems that can facilitate seamless interactions between parties. By leveraging blockchain technology, infrastructure cryptocurrencies provide a tamper-proof record of transactions, ensuring trustworthiness and security in the operations of these industries. In addition, they offer improved scalability and efficiency compared to traditional systems, enabling faster processing times and reduced costs. Overall, infrastructure cryptocurrencies have the potential to revolutionize various sectors by providing a secure, transparent, and decentralized foundation for their operations.

List of Infrastructure Cryptocurrencies

Coin Name Market Capitalization
Chainlink Chainlink (LINK) $4,213,135,255.0
Filecoin Filecoin (FIL) $1,942,445,374.0
Lido Lido DAO (LDO) $1,698,719,674.0
The The Graph (GRT) $1,013,577,762.0
Stacks Stacks (STX) $838,690,038.0
Fantom Fantom (FTM) $689,540,276.0
Rocket Rocket Pool (RPL) $578,269,732.0
THORChain THORChain (RUNE) $280,322,425.0
Axelar Axelar (AXL) $141,451,932.0
aelf aelf (ELF) $130,118,512.0
Cartesi Cartesi (CTSI) $110,053,349.0
Orbs Orbs (ORBS) $89,851,737.0
Radworks Radworks (RAD) $79,811,150.0
Ardor Ardor (ARDR) $80,426,142.0
Marlin Marlin (POND) $67,022,042.0
Covalent Covalent (CQT) $63,170,146.0
Wanchain Wanchain (WAN) $45,604,083.0
Morpheus Morpheus Network (MNW) $39,464,676.0
Altura Altura (ALU) $28,297,387.0
CargoX CargoX (CXO) $25,466,304.0
Keep3rV1 Keep3rV1 (KP3R) $27,649,825.0
Bonfida Bonfida (FIDA) $13,602,490.0 (ALEPH) $14,538,707.0
KardiaChain KardiaChain (KAI) $21,562,940.0
PARSIQ PARSIQ (PRQ) $17,367,499.0
Streamr Streamr XDATA (XDATA) $17,362,921.0
Aeternity Aeternity (AE) $16,453,637.0
Stratos Stratos (STOS) $13,501,418.0
Unibright Unibright (UBT) $11,099,942.0
pNetwork pNetwork (PNT) $9,273,921.0
Handshake Handshake (HNS) $9,862,877.0
DSLA DSLA Protocol (DSLA) $6,924,918.0
Carbon Carbon Browser (CSIX) $5,778,578.0
Ferrum Ferrum Network (FRM) $4,420,308.0
Lambda Lambda (LAMB) $2,672,226.0
Safe Safe Haven (SHA) $2,500,398.0
Strong Strong (STRONG) $2,099,828.0
GraphLinq GraphLinq Protocol (GLQ) $1,564,577.0
TOP TOP Network (TOP) $1,240,637.0
Tokenomy Tokenomy (TEN) $1,016,818.0
Raiden Raiden Network (RDN) $292,199.0
Etho Etho Protocol (ETHO) $261,899.0
Ultrain Ultrain (UGAS) $272,827.0
GoWithMi GoWithMi (GMAT) $234,213.0
Crown Crown (CRW) $225,200.0
FOAM FOAM (FOAM) $2,296,698.0
Odin Odin Protocol (ODIN) $473,898.0
X42 X42 Protocol (X42) $128,120.0
Chi Chi Gas (CHI) $98,023.0
Zoracles Zoracles (ZORA) $100,408.0
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