Top Fantom Ecosystem Coins by Market Cap

About Fantom Ecosystem Cryptocurrencies

The Fantom Ecosystem is a rapidly growing category of cryptocurrencies that are designed to provide fast, secure, and decentralized transactions. These cryptocurrencies are built on the Fantom Foundation’s proprietary technology, which utilizes a unique consensus algorithm and smart contract architecture. As a result, Fantom Ecosystem cryptocurrencies offer faster transaction times and lower fees compared to other blockchain platforms. Furthermore, these cryptocurrencies are highly scalable and can support a wide range of use cases, from decentralized finance (DeFi) to gaming and social media. With its innovative technology and growing user base, the Fantom Ecosystem is poised to become a major player in the cryptocurrency market.

List of Fantom Ecosystem Cryptocurrencies

Coin Name Market Capitalization
Tether Tether (USDT) $83,828,239,586.0
USD USD Coin (USDC) $26,575,033,413.0
Wrapped Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) $4,750,032,994.0
Dai Dai (DAI) $4,146,376,060.0
Chainlink Chainlink (LINK) $4,213,135,255.0
Binance Binance USD (BUSD) $3,704,383,684.0
TrueUSD TrueUSD (TUSD) $3,054,887,183.0
Aave Aave (AAVE) $1,067,092,894.0
Synthetix Synthetix Network (SNX) $912,982,183.0
Frax Frax (FRAX) $911,692,791.0
Fantom Fantom (FTM) $689,540,276.0
Curve Curve DAO (CRV) $646,364,015.0
Frax Frax Share (FXS) $476,578,348.0
Terra Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) $474,755,420.0
Frax Frax Ether (FRXETH) $457,845,484.0
NEXO NEXO (NEXO) $371,950,595.0
Staked Staked Frax Ether (SFRXETH) $300,584,158.0
WOO WOO Network (WOO) $349,226,793.0 (YFI) $231,314,200.0
Ankr Ankr Network (ANKR) $220,354,729.0
Alchemix Alchemix USD (ALUSD) $170,932,907.0
Band Band Protocol (BAND) $154,010,115.0
Axelar Axelar (AXL) $141,451,932.0
Sushi Sushi (SUSHI) $132,404,905.0
Stargate Stargate Finance (STG) $122,091,650.0
Kyber Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) $141,061,177.0
Synapse Synapse (SYN) $121,818,741.0
Ankr Ankr Staked ETH (ANKRETH) $75,353,307.0
Celsius Celsius Network (CEL) $80,527,709.0
Bifrost Bifrost (BFC) $61,761,240.0
Magic Magic Internet Money (MIM) $74,612,797.0
Spell Spell (SPELL) $55,778,101.0
Gelato Gelato (GEL) $55,185,290.0
DOLA DOLA (DOLA) $52,597,385.0
Badger Badger DAO (BADGER) $44,431,924.0
sUSD sUSD (SUSD) $45,896,432.0
Multichain Multichain (MULTI) $36,620,462.0
Premia Premia (PREMIA) $34,264,957.0
Keep3rV1 Keep3rV1 (KP3R) $27,649,825.0
MAI MAI (MIMATIC) $27,067,631.0
Beefy Beefy (BIFI) $26,847,476.0
Alpaca Alpaca Finance (ALPACA) $21,780,183.0
Stader Stader (SD) $22,308,415.0
Fantohm Fantohm (FHM) $4,221,170.0
FUSION FUSION (FSN) $19,047,329.0
Popsicle Popsicle Finance (ICE) $14,622,506.0
Circuits Circuits of Value (COVAL) $15,332,213.0
Kyber Kyber Network Crystal Legacy (KNCL) $16,712,029.0
Rari Rari Governance (RGT) $14,255,354.0
Hegic Hegic (HEGIC) $13,692,215.0 (YOSHI) $11,179,776.0
Cream Cream (CREAM) $10,856,808.0
Scallop Scallop (SCLP) $10,983,398.0
KALM KALM (KALM) $7,840,623.0
Mimo Mimo Governance (MIMO) $7,530,450.0
DEUS DEUS Finance (DEUS) $8,450,093.0
Banano Banano (BAN) $9,190,610.0
Tempus Tempus (TEMP) $7,389,374.0
Raini Raini ($RAINI) $6,071,942.0
DSLA DSLA Protocol (DSLA) $6,924,918.0
Spookyswap Spookyswap (BOO) $6,764,093.0
OpenOcean OpenOcean (OOE) $5,569,763.0
Tarot Tarot (TAROT) $3,482,318.0
MagicCraft MagicCraft (MCRT) $5,973,560.0
Ethos Ethos Reserve Note (ERN) $4,138,428.0
WigoSwap WigoSwap (WIGO) $3,322,766.0
Tomb Tomb (TOMB) $2,825,195.0
Parallel Parallel (PAR) $2,464,390.0
Retreeb Retreeb (TREEB) $3,146,459.0
Granary Granary (GRAIN) $2,429,647.0
TETU TETU (TETU) $1,921,005.0
OATH OATH (OATH) $2,142,270.0
Mover Mover (MOVE) $2,644,512.0
Beethoven Beethoven X (BEETS) $2,166,324.0
Hyve Hyve (HYVE) $1,864,779.0
ONINO ONINO (ONI) $1,475,030.0
LiquidDriver LiquidDriver (LQDR) $1,686,886.0
LIF3 LIF3 LSHARE (LSHARE) $1,504,627.0
OneArt OneArt (1ART) $1,460,142.0
RadioShack RadioShack (RADIO) $2,465,784.0
O3 O3 Swap (O3) $1,318,967.0
Mummy Mummy Finance (MMY) $1,259,086.0
Cover Cover Protocol (COVER) $1,301,990.0
Auto Auto (AUTO) $1,215,681.0
Metavault Metavault DAO (MVD) $1,140,881.0
Unit Unit Protocol (DUCK) $1,259,582.0
Tomb Tomb Shares (TSHARE) $4,636,142.0
Stone Stone (STN) $770,033.0
Elk Elk Finance (ELK) $1,195,193.0
FEAR FEAR (FEAR) $1,101,722.0
MODA MODA DAO (MODA) $1,021,252.0
XY XY Finance (XY) $974,136.0
VEMP VEMP (VEMP) $1,032,927.0
Morphex Morphex (MPX) $887,690.0
MakiSwap MakiSwap (MAKI) $805,106.0
Thorstarter Thorstarter (XRUNE) $730,578.0
Fantom Fantom Maker (FAME) $738,323.0
SpiritSwap SpiritSwap (SPIRIT) $558,578.0
Trava Trava Finance (TRAVA) $401,172.0
Equalizer Equalizer DEX (EQUAL) $358,457.0
Scream Scream (SCREAM) $199,075.0
TosDis TosDis (DIS) $144,024.0
veDAO veDAO (WEVE) $67,905.0
Atlas Atlas DEX (ATS) $12,248.4
0xMonero 0xMonero (0XMR) $236,698.0
EverRise EverRise (RISE) $8,555,028.0
Stader Stader sFTMX (SFTMX) $6,181,998.0
Feeder Feeder Finance (FEED) $26,453.0
Geist Geist Finance (GEIST) $372,299.0
BiFi BiFi (BIFI) $2,304,024.0
Vivid Vivid Labs (VID) $2,242,443.0
Nord Nord Finance (NORD) $781,190.0
ArchAngel ArchAngel (ARCHA) $576,746.0
TOR TOR (TOR) $17,328,810.0
Hector Hector Network (HEC) $7,970,126.0
Paint Paint Swap (BRUSH) $2,060,824.0
BUILD BUILD (BUILD) $1,081,802.0
Yel.Finance Yel.Finance (YEL) $443,664.0
Atari Atari (ATRI) $1,333,383.0
Statera Statera (STA) $277,089.0
Hundred Hundred Finance (HND) $12,709,481.0
Iron Iron Bank (IB) $550,147.0
Shack Shack (SHACK) $294,423.0
Soul Soul Swap (SOUL) $217,367.0 (START) $124,052.0
0x_nodes 0x_nodes (BIOS) $101,881.0
FantomStarter FantomStarter (FS) $88,448.0
Infam Infam (INF) $84,678.0
Kanpeki Kanpeki (KAE) $16,994.21
Diamond Diamond Coin (DIAMOND) $40,855.0
OneRing OneRing (RING) $24,566.0
Luxor Luxor (LUX) $13,701.81
USD USD Balance (USDB) $16,763.85
Solidex Solidex (SEX) $3,455.93
CRE8R CRE8R DAO (CRE8R) $2,538.47
PanicSwap PanicSwap (PANIC) $431.05
Modefi Modefi (MOD) $2,313,376.0
Allbridge Allbridge (ABR) $637,864.0 (VISION) $562,047.0
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