Top Avalanche Ecosystem Coins by Market Cap

About Avalanche Ecosystem Cryptocurrencies

Avalanche Ecosystem is a category of cryptocurrencies that are designed to work together seamlessly, providing users with a wide range of financial services and applications. These currencies are built on top of the Avalanche blockchain platform, which provides fast and secure transactions. The Avalanche Ecosystem includes various cryptocurrencies such as AVA, which is the native currency of the platform, and other tokens that serve specific purposes such as payment processing and decentralized finance. These currencies are interoperable with each other, allowing users to easily transfer value between different platforms and applications. The Avalanche Ecosystem also includes a range of decentralized applications (dApps) that provide additional functionality and services, such as lending, borrowing, and prediction markets. Overall, the Avalanche Ecosystem offers a comprehensive and integrated platform for users to access a wide range of financial services and applications through their cryptocurrencies.

List of Avalanche Ecosystem Cryptocurrencies

Coin Name Market Capitalization
Tether Tether (USDT) $83,828,239,586.0
BNB BNB (BNB) $37,336,513,280.0
USD USD Coin (USDC) $26,575,033,413.0
Wrapped Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) $4,750,032,994.0
Uniswap Uniswap (UNI) $4,829,344,450.0
Avalanche Avalanche (AVAX) $4,583,549,627.0
Dai Dai (DAI) $4,146,376,060.0
Chainlink Chainlink (LINK) $4,213,135,255.0
Binance Binance USD (BUSD) $3,704,383,684.0
TrueUSD TrueUSD (TUSD) $3,054,887,183.0
Maker Maker (MKR) $1,131,343,004.0
The The Graph (GRT) $1,013,577,762.0
Aave Aave (AAVE) $1,067,092,894.0
Synthetix Synthetix Network (SNX) $912,982,183.0
Frax Frax (FRAX) $911,692,791.0
USDD USDD (USDD) $743,240,459.0
Injective Injective (INJ) $668,881,022.0
Frax Frax Share (FXS) $476,578,348.0
GMX GMX (GMX) $502,403,780.0
Compound Compound (COMP) $492,076,885.0
1inch 1inch (1INCH) $319,645,645.0
Basic Basic Attention (BAT) $301,135,832.0
WOO WOO Network (WOO) $349,226,793.0 (YFI) $231,314,200.0
Ankr Ankr Network (ANKR) $220,354,729.0
Balancer Balancer (BAL) $189,547,445.0
Axelar Axelar (AXL) $141,451,932.0
Sushi Sushi (SUSHI) $132,404,905.0
Stargate Stargate Finance (STG) $122,091,650.0
Kyber Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) $141,061,177.0
UMA UMA (UMA) $118,860,838.0
Cartesi Cartesi (CTSI) $110,053,349.0
JOE JOE (JOE) $113,517,129.0
Synapse Synapse (SYN) $121,818,741.0
BENQI BENQI Liquid Staked AVAX (SAVAX) $91,839,683.0
inSure inSure DeFi (SURE) $85,706,976.0
Stella Stella (ALPHA) $83,338,088.0
Ankr Ankr Staked ETH (ANKRETH) $75,353,307.0
Pendle Pendle (PENDLE) $71,030,947.0
Covalent Covalent (CQT) $63,170,146.0
Magic Magic Internet Money (MIM) $74,612,797.0
Beta Beta Finance (BETA) $57,479,023.0
Spell Spell (SPELL) $55,778,101.0
Euro Euro Coin (EUROC) $52,596,425.0
AllianceBlock AllianceBlock Nexera (NXRA) $52,766,035.0
MELD MELD (MELD) $40,532,653.0
Multichain Multichain (MULTI) $36,620,462.0
BiLira BiLira (TRYB) $32,522,918.0
Altura Altura (ALU) $28,297,387.0
Ampleforth Ampleforth (AMPL) $27,529,355.0
MAI MAI (MIMATIC) $27,067,631.0
Beefy Beefy (BIFI) $26,847,476.0
BENQI BENQI (QI) $24,147,362.0 USD+ (USD+) $25,409,231.0 (ALEPH) $14,538,707.0
0x 0x Protocol (ZRX) $20,391,476.0
XEN XEN Crypto (XEN) $15,000,400.0
Impossible Impossible Finance Launchpad (IDIA) $12,985,108.0
Wonderland Wonderland TIME (TIME) $12,310,291.0
TrustSwap TrustSwap (SWAP) $12,486,344.0
XANA XANA (XETA) $12,389,852.0
Dexalot Dexalot (ALOT) $8,584,044.0
WXT WXT Token (WXT) $8,275,458.0
KALM KALM (KALM) $7,840,623.0
Rai Rai Reflex Index (RAI) $7,135,998.0
Avalaunch Avalaunch (XAVA) $6,567,955.0
DSLA DSLA Protocol (DSLA) $6,924,918.0
Spookyswap Spookyswap (BOO) $6,764,093.0
OpenOcean OpenOcean (OOE) $5,569,763.0
Step Step App (FITFI) $5,634,267.0
RealFevr RealFevr (FEVR) $5,040,669.0
Colony Colony (CLY) $5,235,245.0
Pangolin Pangolin (PNG) $4,717,726.0
Ferrum Ferrum Network (FRM) $4,420,308.0
Brillion Brillion (DUA) $3,924,328.0
Ethos Ethos Reserve Note (ERN) $4,138,428.0
GMD GMD (GMD) $4,522,380.0
Dypius Dypius (DYP) $2,227,819.0
InsurAce InsurAce (INSUR) $3,569,989.0
Roco Roco Finance (ROCO) $2,937,816.0
Domani Domani Protocol (DEXTF) $3,192,427.0
Tomb Tomb (TOMB) $2,825,195.0
Bware Bware (INFRA) $2,408,067.0
Yield Yield Yak (YAK) $2,720,955.0
Qi Qi Dao (QI) $2,453,199.0
New New Order (NEWO) $2,644,031.0
Granary Granary (GRAIN) $2,429,647.0
Gameswap Gameswap (GSWAP) $2,229,405.0
OATH OATH (OATH) $2,142,270.0
Genius Genius (GENI) $2,434,075.0
EUROe EUROe Stablecoin (EUROE) $1,810,182.0
CheckDot CheckDot (CDT) $1,752,902.0
RadioShack RadioShack (RADIO) $2,465,784.0
O3 O3 Swap (O3) $1,318,967.0
Reunit Reunit Wallet (REUNI) $1,636,891.0
Niftyx Niftyx Protocol (SHROOM) $1,226,996.0
Auto Auto (AUTO) $1,215,681.0
Platypus Platypus Finance (PTP) $1,280,340.0
ZooKeeper ZooKeeper (ZOO) $1,372,693.0
Elk Elk Finance (ELK) $1,195,193.0
Oddz Oddz (ODDZ) $1,018,073.0
ZeroSwap ZeroSwap (ZEE) $1,225,152.0
Roobee Roobee (ROOBEE) $842,629.0
NFTrade NFTrade (NFTD) $653,678.0
Monsterra Monsterra (MSTR) $685,003.0
KCAL KCAL (KCAL) $479,301.0
Pollen Pollen (PLN) $399,620.0
Moonwell Moonwell Apollo (MFAM) $242,294.0
Kalao Kalao (KLO) $310,562.0
Spherium Spherium (SPHRI) $325,325.0
Onston Onston (ONSTON) $295,196.0
DeFiato DeFiato (DFIAT) $207,709.0
Blockzero Blockzero Labs (XIO) $215,933.0
Cook Cook (COOK) $118,747.0
OnX OnX Finance (ONX) $84,096.0
Tokenplace Tokenplace (TOK) $88,375.0
StepEx StepEx (SPEX) $87,842.0
Verso Verso (VSO) $53,073.0
Pera Pera Finance (PERA) $41,655.0
Spaceswap Spaceswap SHAKE (SHAKE) $24,275.0
TaleCraft TaleCraft (CRAFT) $23,714.0
Atlas Atlas DEX (ATS) $12,248.4
NFTmall NFTmall (GEM) $2,687.41
AllianceBlock AllianceBlock (ALBT) $1,133,010.0
Dragon Dragon Crypto Argenti (DCAR) $225,362.0
iDypius iDypius (IDYP) $155,931.0
Degis Degis (DEG) $9,802.41
EverRise EverRise (RISE) $8,555,028.0
Juggernaut Juggernaut (JGN) $2,318,945.0
Nash Nash (NEX) $11,431,386.0
Spaceswap Spaceswap MILK2 (MILK2) $126,539.0
Snowball Snowball (SNOB) $31,332.0
Nord Nord Finance (NORD) $781,190.0
Spore Spore (SPORE) $470,569.0
Treasure Treasure Under Sea (TUS) $62,676.0
Platypus Platypus USD (USP) $22,186,336.0
YUSD YUSD Stablecoin (YUSD) $13,381,670.0
GhostMarket GhostMarket (GM) $3,267,131.0
SpiceUSD SpiceUSD (USDS) $2,163,349.0
Atlas Atlas USV (USV) $1,500,028.0
BUILD BUILD (BUILD) $1,081,802.0
DxSale DxSale Network (SALE) $725,764.0
Vector Vector Finance (VTX) $771,098.0
Bogged Bogged Finance (BOG) $487,207.0 (ZERO) $412,962.0
Relay Relay Chain (RELAY) $637,401.0
MetaBrands MetaBrands (MAGE) $67,771.0
BiometricFinancial BiometricFinancial (BIOFI) $458,158.0
UniFarm UniFarm (UFARM) $308,252.0
Yeti Yeti Finance (YETI) $302,289.0
Crypto Crypto Royale (ROY) $250,444.0
Gaj Gaj Finance (GAJ) $192,780.0
Husky Husky AVAX (HUSKY) $263,998.0
Shack Shack (SHACK) $294,423.0
Cosmic Cosmic Universe Magic (MAGIC) $153,792.0
Moremoney Moremoney Finance (MORE) $166,170.0
Soul Soul Swap (SOUL) $217,367.0 (START) $124,052.0
Oh! Oh! Finance (OH) $112,611.0
Crypto Crypto Development Services (CDS) $51,876.0
0x_nodes 0x_nodes (BIOS) $101,881.0
Penguin Penguin Finance (PEFI) $96,221.0
Chronicum Chronicum (CHRO) $69,129.0
WOWswap WOWswap (WOW) $58,391.0
Islander Islander (ISA) $47,853.0
AVME AVME (AVME) $43,593.0
Avaxlauncher Avaxlauncher (AVXL) $40,165.0
Joe Joe Hat (HAT) $38,735.0
Arable Arable Protocol (ACRE) $37,810.0
Avaxtars Avaxtars (AVXT) $33,147.0
Waterfall Waterfall Governance (WTF) $30,546.0
BNPL BNPL Pay (BNPL) $26,205.0
NFT NFT Soccer Games (NFSG) $19,210.73
Axial Axial Token (AXIAL) $16,284.93
Boo Boo Finance (BOOFI) $13,678.72
YDragon YDragon (YDR) $11,070.19
Nucleus Nucleus Vision (NCASH) $27,110.0
Echidna Echidna (ECD) $10,182.11
HakuSwap HakuSwap (HAKU) $9,350.85
Ape Ape In (APEIN) $3,694.16
Spice Spice Trade (SPICE) $866.86
Snowbank Snowbank (SB) $35,912,306.0
Digits Digits DAO (DIGITS) $3,189,823.0
Colony Colony Avalanche Index (CAI) $982,224.0
Cheems Cheems Inu [NEW] (CINU) $1,026,821.0
Allbridge Allbridge (ABR) $637,864.0
Dragon Dragon Crypto Aurum (DCAU) $709,083.0
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