Top Centralized Exchange (CEX) Coins by Market Cap

About Centralized Exchange (CEX) Cryptocurrencies

Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) are a type of cryptocurrency exchange that operate as intermediaries between buyers and sellers. Unlike Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), which rely on smart contracts to facilitate trades without the need for intermediaries, CEXs provide a more traditional trading experience by allowing users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly through their platform. This means that CEXs have control over user funds, which can be a risk for some users who prefer greater autonomy and security. Despite this, many users prefer the convenience and ease of use offered by CEXs, as well as their often higher trading volumes compared to DEXs. Additionally, CEXs typically offer more fiat currency pairs than DEXs, making them a popular choice for those looking to enter or exit the cryptocurrency market through traditional channels. Overall, while both types of exchanges have their advantages and disadvantages, CEXs remain a dominant force in the cryptocurrency trading space due to their user-friendly interface and high liquidity.

List of Centralized Exchange (CEX) Cryptocurrencies

Coin Name Market Capitalization
BNB BNB (BNB) $37,336,513,280.0
LEO LEO Token (LEO) $3,697,467,278.0
OKB OKB (OKB) $2,565,488,876.0
Cronos Cronos (CRO) $1,568,522,883.0
WhiteBIT WhiteBIT Token (WBT) $793,644,933.0
FLEX FLEX Coin (FLEX) $454,076,566.0
Bitget Bitget Token (BGB) $636,691,613.0
Gate Gate (GT) $578,580,038.0
KuCoin KuCoin (KCS) $567,344,559.0
Tokenize Tokenize Xchange (TKX) $464,450,638.0
Huobi Huobi (HT) $427,238,815.0
WOO WOO Network (WOO) $349,226,793.0
MX MX (MX) $275,355,629.0
BitMEX BitMEX (BMEX) $32,926,746.0
AscendEx AscendEx (ASD) $42,275,247.0
BitMart BitMart (BMX) $19,063,416.0
QASH QASH (QASH) $16,134,751.0
NAGA NAGA (NGC) $5,395,590.0
TigerCash TigerCash (TCH) $3,442,523.0
Nominex Nominex (NMX) $2,504,037.0
LA LA (LA) $1,640,118.0
Zipmex Zipmex (ZMT) $1,376,040.0
EXMO EXMO Coin (EXM) $333,994.0
Hotbit Hotbit (HTB) $213,003.0
Delta Delta Exchange (DETO) $3,258,830.0
Birake Birake (BIR) $749,974.0
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