Top Celo Ecosystem Coins by Market Cap

About Celo Ecosystem Cryptocurrencies

Celo is a blockchain-based ecosystem that supports multiple cryptocurrencies, including CELO, the native cryptocurrency of the platform. The Celo Ecosystem is designed to provide a decentralized and secure platform for launching and managing cryptocurrencies, as well as for building decentralized applications (dApps). The category of Celo Ecosystem cryptocurrencies includes not only CELO but also other tokens that are built on the Celo blockchain. These tokens have their own unique features and use cases, such as decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, gaming platforms, and social media projects. The Celo Ecosystem provides a flexible and scalable infrastructure for these cryptocurrencies to grow and thrive, with the goal of creating a robust and interconnected ecosystem of blockchain-based assets. Overall, the Celo Ecosystem is an exciting development in the world of blockchain technology, offering new opportunities for innovation and growth in the field of cryptocurrencies.

List of Celo Ecosystem Cryptocurrencies

Coin Name Market Capitalization
Celo Celo (CELO) $254,087,544.0
Ankr Ankr Network (ANKR) $220,354,729.0
Coin98 Coin98 (C98) $76,857,304.0
Beefy Beefy (BIFI) $26,847,476.0
Celo Celo Dollar (CUSD) $42,865,600.0
Plastiks Plastiks (PLASTIK) $6,240,841.0
Auto Auto (AUTO) $1,215,681.0
impactMarket impactMarket (PACT) $1,287,935.0
KROWN KROWN (KRW) $22,749.0
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