Top Gnosis Chain Ecosystem Coins by Market Cap

About Gnosis Chain Ecosystem Cryptocurrencies

Gnosis Chain Ecosystem is a decentralized platform that enables the creation, management, and trading of digital assets. Within this ecosystem, there are various cryptocurrencies that fall under the category of Gnosis Chain Ecosystem cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies include GNO, which is the native currency of the platform, as well as other tokens such as GNT and GNV. These currencies can be used for a variety of purposes within the ecosystem, including paying fees, staking, and voting on proposals. Additionally, the Gnosis Chain Ecosystem has its own decentralized exchange (DEX), which allows users to trade these cryptocurrencies in a trustless and permissionless manner. Overall, the Gnosis Chain Ecosystem cryptocurrencies category offers a range of opportunities for investors and users alike, providing a unique and innovative way to engage with the decentralized economy.

List of Gnosis Chain Ecosystem Cryptocurrencies

Coin Name Market Capitalization
Tether Tether (USDT) $83,828,239,586.0
USD USD Coin (USDC) $26,575,033,413.0
Wrapped Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) $4,750,032,994.0
Uniswap Uniswap (UNI) $4,829,344,450.0
Dai Dai (DAI) $4,146,376,060.0
Chainlink Chainlink (LINK) $4,213,135,255.0
Binance Binance USD (BUSD) $3,704,383,684.0
The The Graph (GRT) $1,013,577,762.0
Curve Curve DAO (CRV) $646,364,015.0
Gnosis Gnosis (GNO) $303,815,525.0 (YFI) $231,314,200.0
Ankr Ankr Network (ANKR) $220,354,729.0
Balancer Balancer (BAL) $189,547,445.0
Sushi Sushi (SUSHI) $132,404,905.0
Energy Energy Web (EWT) $126,376,499.0
OriginTrail OriginTrail (TRAC) $98,667,905.0
Coin98 Coin98 (C98) $76,857,304.0
Request Request (REQ) $59,427,030.0
Orchid Orchid Protocol (OXT) $30,310,348.0
Badger Badger DAO (BADGER) $44,431,924.0
Perpetual Perpetual Protocol (PERP) $35,284,994.0
TokenPocket TokenPocket Token (TPT) $33,431,376.0
r/CryptoCurrency r/CryptoCurrency Moons (MOON) $37,555,003.0
Tellor Tellor Tributes (TRB) $30,508,966.0
DIA DIA (DIA) $28,883,083.0
MAI MAI (MIMATIC) $27,067,631.0
agEUR agEUR (AGEUR) $21,132,311.0
Streamr Streamr (DATA) $19,008,456.0
DXdao DXdao (DXD) $17,094,595.0
Swarm Swarm (BZZ) $18,227,562.0
DeFi DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) $17,685,929.0
HOPR HOPR (HOPR) $17,668,075.0
Streamr Streamr XDATA (XDATA) $17,362,921.0
Kleros Kleros (PNK) $15,477,772.0
Ethix Ethix (ETHIX) $15,209,482.0
Circuits Circuits of Value (COVAL) $15,332,213.0
UNCX UNCX Network (UNCX) $12,268,206.0
ShapeShift ShapeShift FOX (FOX) $10,450,023.0
CoW CoW Protocol (COW) $11,012,181.0
PowerPool PowerPool Concentrated Voting Power (CVP) $10,639,724.0
pNetwork pNetwork (PNT) $9,273,921.0
Swash Swash (SWASH) $7,514,379.0
Etherisc Etherisc DIP (DIP) $3,851,807.0
Tornado Tornado Cash (TORN) $5,323,364.0
Hop Hop Protocol (HOP) $4,408,567.0
Mt Mt Pelerin Shares (MPS) $3,672,570.0
r/FortNiteBR r/FortNiteBR Bricks (BRICK) $4,829,616.0
XP XP Network (XPNET) $3,388,652.0
BoringDAO BoringDAO (BORING) $2,560,882.0
Cardstack Cardstack (CARD) $2,313,872.0
PoolTogether PoolTogether (POOL) $1,776,434.0
Auto Auto (AUTO) $1,215,681.0
Elk Elk Finance (ELK) $1,195,193.0
Opium Opium (OPIUM) $1,228,223.0
UNCL UNCL (UNCL) $958,508.0
Donut Donut (DONUT) $570,270.0
Etho Etho Protocol (ETHO) $261,899.0
DeHive DeHive (DHV) $249,146.0
Agave Agave (AGVE) $870,116.0
0xMonero 0xMonero (0XMR) $236,698.0
STAKE STAKE (STAKE) $319,717.0
Giveth Giveth (GIV) $1,383,340.0
Bao Bao Finance (BAO) $2,096,986.0
Swapr Swapr (SWPR) $1,739,045.0
Pillar Pillar (PLR) $1,406,746.0
DAOhaus DAOhaus (HAUS) $854,772.0
Synapse Synapse Network (SNP) $891,375.0
CryptEx CryptEx (CRX) $249,468.0
Minerva Minerva Wallet (MIVA) $49,693.0
Unique Unique One (RARE) $27,296.0
Freedom Freedom Reserve (FR) $20,694.0
Particle Particle (PRTCLE) $7,421.13 (VISION) $562,047.0
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