Top Prediction Markets Coins by Market Cap

About Prediction Markets Cryptocurrencies

Prediction markets for cryptocurrencies have gained popularity in recent years due to their potential to provide accurate price predictions. These markets allow participants to buy and sell virtual assets that are linked to the future value of a particular cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. By analyzing the prices at which these assets are traded, market participants can gain insights into the likely future price movements of the underlying cryptocurrencies. This information can be used to inform investment decisions and potentially generate profits through savvy trades. Prediction markets for cryptocurrencies are often considered more accurate than traditional financial forecasting methods due to their decentralized nature and the fact that they are based on the collective wisdom of market participants. As such, they have become an important tool for both individual investors and institutional organizations seeking to gain a competitive edge in the cryptocurrency market.

List of Prediction Markets Cryptocurrencies

Coin Name Market Capitalization
Gnosis Gnosis (GNO) $303,815,525.0
SX SX Network (SX) $57,609,085.0
Kleros Kleros (PNK) $15,477,772.0
Augur Augur (REP) $14,455,856.0
Prosper Prosper (PROS) $8,713,282.0
Polkamarkets Polkamarkets (POLK) $3,157,608.0
Zeitgeist Zeitgeist (ZTG) $525,021.0
PlotX PlotX (PLOT) $663,567.0
OptionRoom OptionRoom (ROOM) $539,240.0
Finance Finance Vote (FVT) $132,480.0
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