Top Liquid Staking Tokens Coins by Market Cap

About Liquid Staking Tokens Cryptocurrencies

Liquid staking tokens are a subcategory of cryptocurrencies that have gained popularity in recent times. These tokens are designed to provide liquidity to the staking process, which is an essential component of many proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain networks. By providing liquidity, these tokens enable users to easily buy and sell their staked assets, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the staking process. As a result, liquid staking tokens have become an attractive option for investors looking to generate passive income through staking. However, it is important to note that the market for liquid staking tokens can be highly volatile, and investors should conduct thorough research before investing in these assets. Despite this volatility, liquid staking tokens offer a unique opportunity for investors to participate in the growing cryptocurrency market and potentially generate significant returns on their investments.

List of Liquid Staking Tokens Cryptocurrencies

Coin Name Market Capitalization
Lido Lido Staked Ether (STETH) $14,862,170,186.0
Rocket Rocket Pool ETH (RETH) $985,604,920.0
Frax Frax Ether (FRXETH) $457,845,484.0
Staked Staked Frax Ether (SFRXETH) $300,584,158.0
sETH2 sETH2 (SETH2) $150,973,520.0
Marinade Marinade staked SOL (MSOL) $160,011,530.0
Lido Lido Staked SOL (STSOL) $108,890,387.0
BENQI BENQI Liquid Staked AVAX (SAVAX) $91,839,683.0
Ankr Ankr Staked ETH (ANKRETH) $75,353,307.0
Stader Stader MaticX (MATICX) $60,378,264.0
rETH2 rETH2 (RETH2) $12,591,444.0
Socean Socean Staked Sol (SCNSOL) $6,045,675.0
Bridge Bridge Oracle (BRG) $3,635,307.0
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