Top Launchpad Coins by Market Cap

About Launchpad Cryptocurrencies

Launchpad is a category within the cryptocurrency space that focuses on creating and launching new digital assets. This includes both token sales and initial exchange offerings (IEOs). The goal of Launchpad is to provide a streamlined process for projects to raise funds and gain exposure, while also providing investors with access to a wide range of innovative and promising opportunities. Launchpad platforms typically offer a variety of services, such as marketing support, legal advice, and strategic partnerships, to help projects succeed. In addition, many Launchpad platforms also provide investors with the ability to purchase tokens directly from the platform, making it easier for them to participate in token sales. Overall, Launchpad is an exciting and rapidly growing space within the cryptocurrency ecosystem that offers opportunities for both projects and investors.

List of Launchpad Cryptocurrencies

Coin Name Market Capitalization
DAO DAO Maker (DAO) $155,053,630.0
Raydium Raydium (RAY) $46,114,637.0
Tenset Tenset (10SET) $47,548,294.0 (SFUND) $39,239,934.0
Bounce Bounce (AUCTION) $47,539,772.0
Polkastarter Polkastarter (POLS) $32,335,610.0
GameFi GameFi (GAFI) $20,824,161.0
UFO UFO Gaming (UFO) $21,744,522.0
MANTRA MANTRA (OM) $16,508,663.0
Impossible Impossible Finance Launchpad (IDIA) $12,985,108.0
TrustSwap TrustSwap (SWAP) $12,486,344.0
UNCX UNCX Network (UNCX) $12,268,206.0
CateCoin CateCoin (CATE) $8,781,862.0
Market Market Making Pro (MMPRO) $7,417,506.0
Avalaunch Avalaunch (XAVA) $6,567,955.0
PAID PAID Network (PAID) $4,557,776.0
TrustPad TrustPad (TPAD) $5,306,500.0
Solanium Solanium (SLIM) $3,617,041.0
PolkaBridge PolkaBridge (PBR) $2,728,913.0
Forj Forj (BONDLY) $2,166,211.0
Vent Vent Finance (VENT) $1,941,879.0
Launchpool Launchpool (LPOOL) $1,739,723.0
MahaDAO MahaDAO (MAHA) $1,863,357.0
OneArt OneArt (1ART) $1,460,142.0
Kommunitas Kommunitas (KOM) $1,138,070.0
ZeroSwap ZeroSwap (ZEE) $1,225,152.0
DLP DLP Duck (DUCK) $1,108,129.0
MoonStarter MoonStarter (MNST) $634,320.0
Babylons Babylons (BABI) $260,377.0
CyberFi CyberFi (CFI) $461,085.0
Superlauncher Superlauncher (LAUNCH) $219,073.0
Polinate Polinate (POLI) $167,771.0
TosDis TosDis (DIS) $144,024.0
LavaX LavaX Labs (LAVAX) $131,182.0
KickPad KickPad (KPAD) $62,364.0
MacaronSwap MacaronSwap (MCRN) $39,264.0
BlackDragon BlackDragon (BDT) $3,250,624.0
Decubate Decubate (DCB) $4,634,665.0
OccamFi OccamFi (OCC) $3,938,047.0
PinkSale PinkSale (PINKSALE) $14,856,983.0
DxSale DxSale Network (SALE) $725,764.0
Oxbull Oxbull Tech (OXB) $636,051.0 (ZERO) $412,962.0 (START) $124,052.0
FantomStarter FantomStarter (FS) $88,448.0
Cardence Cardence ($CRDN) $31,797.0
Infinity Infinity PAD (IPAD) $3,251,428.0
Cardstarter Cardstarter (CARDS) $774,345.0
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