Top Derivatives Coins by Market Cap

About Derivatives Cryptocurrencies

Derivatives cryptocurrencies are a type of crypto asset that derive their value from an underlying asset, such as a stock, commodity, or other cryptocurrency. These assets can be traded on exchanges, allowing investors to gain exposure to the underlying asset without actually owning it. Derivatives cryptocurrencies offer several benefits, including increased liquidity and flexibility compared to traditional investment vehicles. They also allow for more precise risk management, as investors can speculate on price movements without taking direct ownership of the underlying asset. However, derivatives cryptocurrencies are not without risks, as their value can be highly volatile and subject to significant fluctuations. As such, it is important for investors to thoroughly understand these assets before making any investment decisions.

List of Derivatives Cryptocurrencies

Coin Name Market Capitalization
Synthetix Synthetix Network (SNX) $912,982,183.0
GMX GMX (GMX) $502,403,780.0
dYdX dYdX (DYDX) $357,905,838.0
Gains Gains Farm (GFARM2) $162,645,872.0
Gains Gains Network (GNS) $137,690,867.0
UMA UMA (UMA) $118,860,838.0
STP STP (STPT) $88,606,378.0
Pendle Pendle (PENDLE) $71,030,947.0
MUX MUX Protocol (MCB) $42,670,139.0
Perpetual Perpetual Protocol (PERP) $35,284,994.0
Premia Premia (PREMIA) $34,264,957.0
BarnBridge BarnBridge (BOND) $30,001,059.0
Quickswap Quickswap (QUICK) $25,452,334.0
Thales Thales (THALES) $24,883,029.0
Level Level (LVL) $17,005,659.0
Kwenta Kwenta (KWENTA) $24,135,327.0
Hegic Hegic (HEGIC) $13,692,215.0
Cap Cap (CAP) $11,982,370.0
DerivaDAO DerivaDAO (DDX) $7,413,662.0
Pika Pika Protocol (PIKA) $5,791,801.0
Mirror Mirror Protocol (MIR) $4,887,208.0
Dafi Dafi Protocol (DAFI) $5,537,669.0
IPOR IPOR (IPOR) $4,306,035.0
Bifrost Bifrost Native Coin (BNC) $3,681,118.0
Metavault Metavault Trade (MVX) $3,805,681.0
Yieldification Yieldification (YDF) $4,106,995.0
CVI CVI (GOVI) $2,979,858.0
Deri Deri Protocol (DERI) $1,677,381.0
Siren Siren (SI) $1,216,004.0
AntiMatter AntiMatter (MATTER) $1,079,040.0
Opium Opium (OPIUM) $1,228,223.0
Mettalex Mettalex (MTLX) $1,079,373.0
Whiteheart Whiteheart (WHITE) $910,810.0
Futureswap Futureswap (FST) $795,197.0
Hedget Hedget (HGET) $326,976.0
Lien Lien (LIEN) $110,583.0
SakeSwap SakeSwap (SAKE) $88,961.0
Synthetify Synthetify (SNY) $31,281.0
Jarvis Jarvis Reward (JRT) $4,092,073.0
HXRO HXRO (HXRO) $118,415,967.0
Oiler Oiler (OIL) $731,399.0
OpenWorld OpenWorld (OPEN) $482,640.0
Oikos Oikos (OKS) $187,030.0
Arable Arable Protocol (ACRE) $37,810.0
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