Top BRC-20 Coins by Market Cap

About BRC-20 Cryptocurrencies

BRC-20 is a category of cryptocurrencies that are built on top of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). These cryptocurrencies benefit from BSC’s fast and low-cost transactions, as well as its extensive liquidity pool. As a result, BRC-20 cryptocurrencies have gained popularity among traders and investors due to their high potential for growth and profitability. Some notable examples of BRC-20 cryptocurrencies include Binance Coin (BNB), PancakeSwap (CAKE), and Venus Protocol (VNS). These cryptocurrencies have shown impressive price increases in recent months, with some reaching all-time highs. Overall, the BRC-20 category is an exciting space to watch for those interested in cryptocurrency investment and trading.

List of BRC-20 Cryptocurrencies

Coin Name Market Capitalization
ORDI ORDI (ORDI) $134,755,873.0
MOON MOON (Ordinals) (MOON) $33,946,641.0
OSHI OSHI (OSHI) $22,901,357.0
TRAC TRAC (Ordinals) (TRAC) $8,768,156.0
WHEE WHEE (WHEE) $3,453,719.0
MEME MEME (Ordinals) (MEME) $1,029,910.0
PEPE PEPE (Ordinals) (PEPE) $1,086,753.0
NALS NALS (NALS) $630,357.0
PIZA PIZA (Ordinals) (PIZA) $609,168.0
BISO BISO (BISO) $522,448.0
$BSV $BSV (BSV) $373,863.0
DRAC DRAC (Ordinals) (DRAC) $290,111.0
NOOT NOOT (Ordinals) (NOOT) $269,486.0
BANK BANK (Ordinals) (BANK) $269,973.0
ALEX ALEX $B20 ($B20) $2,976,468.0
MAXI MAXI (Ordinals) (MAXI) $7,735,933.0
ZBIT ZBIT (Ordinals) (ZBIT) $4,160,720.0
SZAB SZAB (SZAB) $277,647.0
JPEG JPEG (Ordinals) (JPEG) $77,947.0
DFUK DFUK (DFUK) $45,964,205.0
The The Ordinals Council (CNCL) $2,217,223.0
DOMO DOMO (DOMO) $2,058,309.0
SHIB SHIB (Ordinals) (SHIB) $1,716,158.0
XING XING (XING) $997,700.0
ORPO ORPO (ORPO) $954,456.0
RSSC RSSC (RSSC) $659,655.0
$DOG $DOG (Ordinals) ($DOG) $608,421.0
bYLD bYLD (BYLD) $516,997.0
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